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Deaf and Hard of Hearing - Custom Request

Terms and Conditions

  • Students must submit either an American Sign Language Interpreter Request Form (Single Events) or an American Sign Language Interpreter Request Form (Classes), dependent on type of request.
  • I understand that failure to submit communication access-related requests a minimum of seven business days before my request date will result in Student Accessibility Services (SAS) potentially being unable to fulfill my request.
  • I understand that my instructors will not be notified about my communication access-related accommodations until I have submitted the appropriated E-Form (required each quarter).
  • I understand that only instructor(s) listed on the form(s) I submit will be notified.
  • I understand that if there are any changes to my class schedule or communication access needs, I must immediately alert the SAS office via email at
  • I understand that if I do not provide interpreter preferences (specific interpreters, gender), SAS will schedule the available people. I further understand that SAS will try to schedule interpreters to the preferences I request, but this is not guaranteed.
  • I understand that if I do not provide the correct information on this form SAS cannot guarantee the requested communication access services.
  • I understand that any schedule changes made hereafter must be reported to the SAS office immediately via email at
  • I understand that I must alert SAS immediately if events for which I requested communication access services are cancelled, or if the location/time has changed by emailing
  • I understand that if I need communication access services for a new event, I must make a new request with a new form.
  • I understand that if I have concerns about my interpreting services, I should immediately contact SAS so that the situation can be rectified as is possible.

Important Note

Please use the following fields as a first step to request your accommodation. If you have not requested any services from us, you will be asked to enter additional information before you can fill in your request.

If you are a registered student with Student Accessibility Services and eligible for deaf and hard of hearing accommodation, please login to your account to complete your custom request.

Step 1
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